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A few questions – CONCRETE

A few questions – CONCRETE

Ave, can you introduce your band to our readers? – When was it founded and what style of music do you play , etc. ?

Kalin: Hi! Sure. All in all, we started out in August 2011. Right from the start I wanted to form a band that plays classic death metal stuff, like back in the day in the 90’s. And it has been that way ever since. We had a couple of lineup changes but I believe the band is stronger than ever with the current team – Peter Dimitrov – guitar, Zhivko Stoyanov – bass, Ivo Ivanov – drums, and myself – Kalin Kolev on Vocals and guitar.

Where and under what conditions were you recording the new album? Who was in charge of sound, production and mastering?

Kalin: Well, we recorded our first album in Playground Studio, which is a property of Marin Marinov of another local band – Abaddon. During the sessions for „Dawn of Reviva“ the facility was still situated in our hometown Shumen. We were pleased with the results from the debut album, so we decided to crash in the same studio for „Chambers of Afterlife“ as well. And the whole process was a blast once again. Marin is a super nice guy, very calm and mellow. It’s always a pleasure to work with him plus he’s a great friend of ours. He was the one that dealt with all the processing of the material. The only difference now is that the studio facility is no longer located in our hometown. It’s been a while now since it moved to Varna, which is not so bad either. Now we get more reasons to travel back and forth.

How many copies were released and which medium was used for this new edition (CD, digital, vinyl, cassette)?

Kalin: The first press of „Chambers of Afterlife“ was in 500 CD units. Andreas from RTM is an awesome guy and is very cautious at what he does. Apart from the physical releases he set up a digital version of the album, which can be found on several web platforms.

Who is the author of the lyrics and how were they created and about what do the lyrics deal with ?

Kalin: I’ve been writing the lyrics from the start myself. This time around it was no different. I felt like writing from a slightly different perspective and dwelling on the more bizarre, macabre and supernatural rather than the straight carnage-and-gore type of horror. It’s just something that caught my attention while reading stuff from Lovecraft and Poe, so I thought it would be cool to have a couple of songs in that spirit. As far as the writing process goes – usually I would pick a topic and work from there or have the title of the song that I have come up beforehand at take it from there.

Who created the logo of the band, and who took care of the graphics and the website? What about you and social networks? Do you consider these things important?

Kalin: Shortly after the band formed I did the logo, which has remained the same since then. We don’t have a website, because I think social media does enough for a band these days, since everyone is on Facebook and whatnot. The artwork and graphic stuff are done by an awesome artist – Angel Ivanov. Flyers, gig posters, t-shirts etc. Are easy to create once you have killer artwork to pick details from. I think that it is very important to have an awesome artwork, cause you are sure to bring some listeners to your music based on the graphics themselves.

Which label did you choose for releasing your album and why this label? Are you satisfied by how your label represents you and takés care about you?

Kalin: Sure man! I can’t say anything negative about RTM Productions. As I mentioned before, Andreas is serious at what he does – very devoted. He takes care of the bands and takes care of us very nice. I contacted him on the fact that he released an album from another band from Bulgaria. But he is wild at promoting the releases, locking reviews, interviews and trading. Awesome stuff!

Which bands do you idolise and where do you get your inspiration?

Kalin: I love listening to bands that helped shape death metal and really build a name for it. You know stuff like Death, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse. I like a lot of the European stuff too. Sweden has a lot of bands that I like a lot too. I really enjoy digging up underground bands. Being a fan of all this is the main drive of my inspiration. Without pioneer bands to set the path, there wouldn’t be anything of what we call scene today.

Did you send your record to some Labels - which are the labels? How was the response?

Kalin: If you mean sending it with the idea of getting signed - no. I sent the stuff to RTM and that was it. However, Andreas has sent copies to many different zines, labels etc. for reviewing and promotional purposes. So far the response has been great.

How many gigs have you played? Which type of gigs do you prefer, whether it's (clubs or festivals) and which of your performances would you consider as the best?

Kalin: I can’t say exactly. We’ve played a lot of shows through the years.But I definitely enjoy venue shows more. They just have that awesome vibe of connection with the crowd, you know. Open air and festival shows are good too, since they can offer a wider audience and whatnot. But venue gigs are sicker in my opinion.

What about your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve with the band?

Kalin: We’ll just keep doing what we do, man. There are a lot of ideas so there will definitely be more music, more gigs and releases. Maybe we will do a bigger tour soon, time will tell about that, but all in all we will continue in the given direction.

How and where can your fans contact you? Can you provide some contact information?

Kalin: Sure! People can catch us on Facebook, ConcreteBGRDM@gmail, Bandcamp, YouTube. We are all around the places, so stop by and say hi. Cheers!

Thanx for the interview

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