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Interview - BESTIAL DEFORM - I believe that Christianity is the greatest evil in the world!

Interview with blasphemic death metal band from Russia - BESTIAL DEFORM - answered Kirill.

translated by Markéta, thank you!

Recenze/review - BESTIAL DEFORM - ...Ad Leones (2016)

Ave BESTIAL DEFORM!...Ad Leones“ is the second album of yours which I have ever listened. Could you please introduce us to your band? I am not sure if you have ever done an interview for a Czech webzine. However, I did not find one.

- Yes, you right, I didn’t gave any interview for Czech  web media ever before, you are my first one :)).  Shortly, in case that story about BD started in august 1990 we are existing 25 years and we use to celebrate anniversary last year.  It was not easy for sure , was not going straight as we wanted to but we are didn’t give up, we use to continue rehurs, doing gigs, touring, recording…

First demo we are recorded in 1992, then another one and in 1994 was released our first album “ Together we’ll destroy the world” on tapes. Then came next one demo and in 1996 we recorded our the most famous album “Bellum contra omnes” .

In 2014 and 2015 we republished both that albums on CD in better quality with mustering, new style of logo and cover.

All that years we had to stay active, doing gigs in Russia, white Russia, ex soviet Lithuania, Estonia, also in Finland and Germany.

“…Ad Leones” is published for a while. How are reactions and feedbacks? How about fans, critics? And what about songs on your concerts, did they work?

-- Yeah, “…Ad Leones” was released 1 month ago, March 15, and we did a support tour  which started in 24.03 till 02.04 and it was a first part, we are planning second part in autumn in October 2016.

Honestly, no drama, critics are accepted new one quite good:)) and fans are really showing  … and in case that it was not packed everywhere we had very warmth  reception..  yes, and I remember  people were  singing ! was great feeling, I think we felt the same in that moments.

You published the “…Ad Leones” album by the Russian label Satanath Records. The album before this one was published by Coyote Records. Why did you change it? What about Satanath Records and their work? Are you satisfied with their work?

- Yes, new album on Satanath rec.,  and it was clear!  We just released EP there in 2014 and it was a beginning before birth of  “…Ad Leones”. We are republished our two first albums from 90-ies as I say before. 

We were professionally satisfied with working at Satanah rec., everything was in time with dead lines ,  all the targets  we reached there!  And we found points of connection there with guys, for us it’s the most important moment and priority.

What you asking about Coyote rec., why we changed lable.. we did our offering there before, and even before EP 2014 but they were interested only about commercial project and it’s not about us… and when we get an invitation from Satanah rec in the same moment… we agreed  it! And there is still no disappointment about it!  We can say it such luck to have that partnership! :))

I really like the sound of your album. It is raw and readable at the same time. Uncompromising, however each melody, idea is still there and very visible. Where did you recorded? Who did the mixing and mastering? The cover is very powerful and fascinating. Who is the author of your cover and what does your cover mean and what does it stand for?

- Thank you! I am really glad that you like my job:))

I was searching sound for a long time and I found it.. what you can hear on “…Ad Leones”, did mixing on MESA&HIWATT for a guitar. The rest,  bass, drums  I didn’t want to make a clear sound, I wanted to keep it dirty , I could say - primal primitive. I want to say about work with vox.. It took time.. but I love what I did, and I felt satisfy, the rest is for audience judgment:))

A specially I want to say about cover…I found it in internet and it was like  THIS IS IT))! That is what I need,  it belongs… I was searching who is painter  - it was American guy with Romanian roots Daniel Dociu. I sent him to know about who we are and what we want… He let us use his picture  as a cover for “…Ad Leones” officially! He didn’t ask anything back ! Real artist, great painter!

Your lyrics are full of Anti-Christianity, Satanism and darkness. Why these topics? Do you want to share something by your lyrics, share some message? In the Czech Republic we are very tolerant with those kinds of lyrics. How about in Russia? Have you ever had any problems with the Church? Have anyone ever dismissed your concert, etc.?

- It wasn’t chosen by me…  and at first it was even unconsciously for me.  It was born with me or maybe in me at the same time.  In my lyrics I am talking about myself, about my inner feelings. Yes, it’s my main, dominating message IT’S ANTICHRITIANITY !! I belive it’s the biggest EVIL in the world!! I am also against each kind of religion! World would be much pure without it!!

Lie and blood is supporting whole Christian history from the beginning. Civilisations were destroyed by fanatics for resources and power. And it’s just history repeating now in Russia..  Ugly to see it my own country after all that historical facts . We just couldn’t close our eyes on it.

Our concerts never been canceled by religious fanatics .  And we have no worries about it. I am talking about our fans  and friends from other bands.

Christianity couldn’t win that war cause it’s their inner war.. they have no unity. Religion- it’s just for mass manipulating, for personal goods..

How is it to play brutal death metal in Russia? Do fans go on concerts in Russia? Do they support you by buying CDs? When you organize some concert, how many people would come?

- It’s cool for me to play in death metal  band in Russia J and it always was !  People love it here! That’s why we have all that t-shirts , CD’s and other stuff, it’s cool to buy it!
Usually we are about to come after invitation for concert. It could be for 50 people, 150 or more it depends to advertising .

BESTIAL DEFORM has been playing since 1990. That is a long time for a band. How did you manage to hold the band together for such a long time? Correct me if I am wrong but there is only the guitarist Kirill as an original member. Is it difficult to find a good guitarist, bass player, etc. who would like playing death metal?

-25 for band it’s a lot :)) but we did it :)) and it makes us happy.

Yes, for today from 90-s is only original member guitar player and singer and founder of Bestial Deform - Kirill  Ulanenkov- it’s me :)), you talking with Kirill :)).

Now Bestial Deform is: Dmitriy Ivanov – bass, Dmitriy Tokarev – drums - my old friends, who were in BD in our best times.  And with us now Aleksey Veselov  young talented guitar player and composer!  You asking about is it hard to find musicians for such project, yes, it is! Specially if you looking for friendship and understanding for creative process.

Let´s go back to the beginnings of your band…What was the first impulse to get a band together? And why brutal death metal? This is no exactly the kind of music which would bring someone the “fame”.

- It’s a hard question..  Shortly – I love that kind of music :)). What to do?, it’s not a mainstream but we are famous in our way.  People coming to concerts – for us it means!... we are on right way!

I can see that you are the type of band which is getting better and better with every album. Do you have any targets in your musical career? For someone it could be famous publisher, for someone to play with SUFFOCATION.

-. It is very nice from you ! :)) Maybe we are as a cognac getting better by years :)) Joking :))

I really know that we are going to be famous in our way, sure it’s sweet to have contract with famous lable and it could happens! We use to play with world famous guys as Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated, and many other.  It means for us to keep connection with guys! We are appreciate it!

How about BESTIAL DEFORM and concerts? Have you ever had any Europe tour? Are you going to? I would love to see you in Prague!

- Of cause we want to play in Praque and we hope to visit you soon!  It's an European treasure – Praque. For us it is honor to be invited there!

Do you have any albums which you listened in a last couple of months and you want to share them?

- The last what i was listening in my headphones was last album Hate Eternal  «Infernus», cool one, inspired me! I know creations of Eric Rutan, as a musician, composer and arrangement – and I liked what he do very much!

Do you know any Czech bands?

- I know very good Fleshless, we were playing together in St-Petersburg ones. Cool guys!

What are BESTIAL DEFORM´s plans for the next few months?

- Plans are : in may 3 gigs, autumn in September fest Saint Pite in Blood, it’s our first selfmade  fest  - planning to make it every year and dreaming about invite friends from whole world, even to make it international.  In oktober second pert of “…Ad Leones” tour 2016.

That’s all J

Thank you so much for the interview and I wish you a lot of sold out CDs, hundreds of crazy fans and tons of good ideas.

- Thank you for interest to Bestial Deform!

Recenze/review - BESTIAL DEFORM - ...Ad Leones (2016)

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