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Interview - NECROWRETCH - Greetings from the crypts!

Interview with putrid death metal band from France - NECROWRETCH - answered Vlad.

translated by Markéta, thank you!

Ave NECROWRETCH! Recently, you had a tour with INFERNAL EXECRATOR. How did the concerts go and where was the biggest attendance? Which country did you like the most?

Vlad : Greetings from the crypts! It was a killer tour, so far the best live experience we had. The biggest crowd was in France, but also very good shows in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany…

When I saw you in Prague I told myself that your music is better live than from CDs. Man can enjoy it more live. I don´t know why but for me the concert was like an occult ceremony rather than an ordinary concert. Were you preparing the concerts in some special way? For me you seemed synchronized. I wrote that you were “darkly beautiful”. It is still in my head. What do you feel when you standing on the stage?

Vlad : Yes we spent some rehearsals days in a venue only to prepare the show itself, like what everyone have to do during the interlude, or during the solo of a guitarist, etc… We want to inflict a maximum damage in a short time (as most of the shows were about one hour), so it was a very intense preparation for this tour, an in the end the shows were so much better with this preparation.

I was surprised that the concert was with 4 people and everywhere you were just with 3 people. Who helped you with this tour and why?

Vlad : We have choosed to be 4 on live from now, some sessions members will help on each tour, but for the studio part we will remain 3.

INFERNAL EXECRATOR are from Singapore. That is a very special band for Europeans. How did you get together at first place? How did you set up the whole tour? INFERNAL EXECRATOR killed me when I hear their live concert, it was a clear blasfemia. The guys seemed to enjoy it also. Were there in Europe for the first time? Did they compare their and our fans, clubs,…?

Vlad : We’ve shared stage with them last year when we played in Singapore, I was really looking forward bringing them to Europe to make people here discover the bestial music of their lands. What I can tell you is the Infernal Execrator members really enjoyed their first time in Europe and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

When one wants to define your music they use the term PUTRID DEATH METAL. You guys play an old, hones death metal but there is a slight sound of death metal in your music. Do you have any idols, someone who is the star for you? Some band which are an inspiration for you?

Vlad : Clearly the biggest inspiration first cames from the swedish acts such as Dismember, Grotesque, Nihilist, Marduk… But also from the masters like Death, Sepultura, Autopsy… With the time we became more and more influenced by all the bestiality from third world acts such as Anal Vomit, Mortem, Impiety…
As I’ve told before the only aim we have is to inflict damage with our music.

You are from France which is a country with amazing countryside, beautiful women, Paris, great movies and amazing food for the Czech people. We think about you in very positive way. I´m just wondering where is the nihilism, dirt and evil comes from in your music? Where do you get an inspiration for lyrics which are full of death and morbidity?

Vlad : Inspiration cames from mankind history, past or present, and many things in this world are inspiring to write about evil. Still we are not into ceremony or any kind of cult. Music is art, nothing more.

The NECROWRETCH music is very interesting, especially because your album graphic is amazing also your promo photographs etc. Is the visual side of your work important for you? Who is the author of your CD covers, T-shirts, etc? And how did you meet the author?

Vlad : Since the early days it’s Milovan, an artist from Montenegro who crafted all the Necrowretch arts. First he made the logo of the band and then we’ve continued working with him.

For me, your music is very original. On one hand you get the inspiration from old death metal and black bands. On the other hand there is a lot from your originality. How do you make a new material? How do NECROWRETCH compose music?

Vlad : The composition is always a painful moment, as I want to make the most sick material in date I play again and again to find new riffs, and then I act like a puzzle to create a song. It’s like 3 or 4 hours of guitars per day for many months to achieve an album. I need to be in a closed room with absolutely no other sound from outside who can distract me.

There is not a lot of death metal fans in the Czech Republic. What about in France? Do fans support bands? Do they buy CDs, merch, etc?

Vlad : Well it depends, in one hand you have giants festivals like Hellfest who catch everyone thousands of people, and in other hand you have underground shows with 50 or 100 people. But I will say it’s ok, most of the times when we play “home” we have many people and good support. I also see that a lot of tours (underground or big agencies) makes shows in France so it’s a sign support is good.

One friend asked me where he can get your demo records from 2008 – 2010. I know that some of them were published by Century Media Record on “Bestial Rites 2009 – 2012”, however there was no place to buy it. Don´t you thinking about republishing?

Vlad : All the demos and EP are sold out since ages, that’s why we’ve putted out this compilation cd. But I’m sure he can find demos on ebay or such websites. We don’t want to repress them separatly, time has moved, we are focused on the next releases, not the previous.

When we came back to the beginning…What was the first impulse to get together as a band? And why death metal? This style is not exactly the “famous” one which would bring someone the fame.

Vlad : Ah to be honest I was – and still am – a big fan of Scream Bloody Gore and I wanted to do something in the same vein, I’ve started playing guitar only in this purpose and I’ve found musicians who were ready to make death metal with me, and the story began. A strange fact is the first demo sound more like Dismember than to Death, but who cares ? Every band need a beginning and so was it for us.

Are there any records which you liked in the last few months?

Vlad : Infernal Execrator of course, also the lp of Ranger “Where Evil Dwells”, the EP of Evil Damn “Black Effigy”… The record that I wait now is the new Mortem album, hope it will be as killer as their previous offering.

Do you know and listen any of the Czech bands?

Vlad : Krabathor of course, especially the first albums and demos and also the Orthodox album.

What is NECROWRETCH going to do in the next few months?

Vlad : Record the third album, prepare a new line up, and destroy the world !!!

Thank you so much for this interview and I wish you a lot of sold records, hundreds of crazy fans and tons of good ideas. 

Vlad : Thanks for your support and see you next year for sure !

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