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Interview - THE DEAD GOATS - We really love buzzsaw guitar & this characteristic Swedish feeling!

Interview with death metal band from Poland - THE DEAD GOATS.
translated by Markéta, thank you!

Ave THE DEAD GOATS! I didn´t find any interview with you in Czech. So firstly, I would like you to introduce your band to readers who don´t know you. You might as well start from the beginning and tell us the whole history of THE DEAD GOATS. 

Hi there! You can’t find any interview in Czech language because it’s our first time. :) What makes it more interesting – some completely new people would be able to get the knowledge on our modest bunch of freaks:). But anyway, starting from the early beginning, the idea behind the The Dead Goats was born during the last European tour of grind core Neuropathia in 2010, founded by our drummer Radek million years ago, joined then by TDG bass guitar player Marcin (btw. we’ve played several times in Czech Republic, one of the very first recordings, split CD with Vampiric Motives was released by Bizarre Leprous Production which is your native label). The perspective of band’s hiatus due to some serious problems with two guitar players at the same time & the necessity of looking for immediate replacement, made us think of something different, considering the fact we were a huge boosters of the 90’s Stockholm sound. We’ve made some more or less serious plans, later instilled into life with guitarist Pawel, who saved our asses a couple of times playing from time to time instead of original Neuropathia’s members while having concerts being already booked. Starting from January 2011, few months of not-so-extensive rehearsals brought the material which would later be known as out at the moment) by a small independent polish label “Instant Classic”, held by two music enthusiasts, and finally LP version, run by our beloved friend Tukan “Dark Side Of Punk Records”. Years 2013-2016 were quite busy – we collaborated with various bands & labels, which gave birth to 12” EP, cdr demo, 7” split EP, 12” split LP/CD, mCD/7” and lately second full length album „All Of Them Witches“, playing a goodly amount of concerts in Poland, Czech Rep., Germany, Netherlands, Belgium & Rep. Of Ireland, including shows with Napalm Death, Nasum, Black Breath, Calm The Fire, Icon Of Evil, In Twilight’s Embrace & many others. And life still goes on...

I listen to your new album “All of Them Witches” and I feel like I am locked in a dungeon along with DISMEMBER, NIHILST, ENTRAILS and INTERMENT. The album has a great Swedish sound. Where did you record and are you satisfied with the finished product? Did you make some comments about the final sound?

Thanks! Starting from 12” split LP with our comrades Icon Of Evil, we record everything at our friend’s Sphieratz Studio, based in Bialystok. We’re too lazy to move our asses somewhere different from our hometown and to be honest we never spent more than 5-6 days recording, no matter if its full length album or just short shot, like mCD or split album. Otherwise, we would have killed each other and get bored to death. However, the last two releases („Don’t Go In The Tomb“ & „All Of Them Witches“) were recorded in aforementioned place, we’ve decided to mix & master it in Satanic Audio, Sosnowiec, Poland. We’ve heard lots of poems on Haldor Grunberg’s work, we’ve liked each other and our cooperation was perfect (hmm.. I believe, it really was! Not sure if Haldor thinks the same J ). All of the band’s releases sound exactly the way we wanted at the moment, having regard to the tools we absorbed while recording. Moaning won’t change anything. We had enough time to work on the particular sound so if something went wrong, it’s only our pair of shoes. So, yes! We’re fully satisfied with the final „All Of Them Witches“ version. We really love buzzsaw guitar! 

How was the new material for “All of Them Witches” born? How THE DEAD GOATS compose and make new material?

Hmm…let me think…there are 8 songs plus short instrumental intro arranged while recording, so the answer is - 8 rehearsals J We felt we needed to start working on full length album. And we did it! As far as composing process is concerned, from the early beginning each time we met on the rehearsal with the idea of making something new brings 70-80% of a song. Next rehearsal is to finish it and start another one. So simple :)

So far you have only one long-played album “Path of the Goat” (2012). But I received some information about you when you released the EP “Don´t Go In The Tomb” (2015) by Arachnophobia Records. I feel like this label made you a very good promotion. Why didn´t you published the new album “All of Them Witches” by this label and switched to the Testimony Records? 

To be honest, till today we do not even know if Arachnophobia Records owner, Krzysztof is satisfied with releasing our mCD J „Don’t Go In The Tomb” were firstly to be put on a 12” split with our friends band Calm The Fire (check them out!!). Unfortunately for us, they were preparing their newest full length album at this time. So, we’ve made a phone call to Krzysztof (needs to be reminded that our „Ferox“ demo tape version was also released by Arachnophobia), he agreed not even hearing a single riff. We hope he does not regret the decision, while in our opinion he made us a huge favour! And as far as „AOTW“ is concerned, I do not really remember how we came across Testimony Records. Simply, the proposition we were offered was acceptable and we took a chance.

“All of Them Witches” has a very colourful and horror cover. Your drummer did it. I like his work, but why did you choose the colourful motive? Did it have a special reason? How did you choose the idea for your cover?

Take a look on our previous cover artworks - there're lots of colourful graphics, except from mCD and latest 7" split album. The world is not only black or white Jakub. You should ask Radek what was his main inspiration. He & Pawel (our guitarist) came with an idea of keeping our second full length album in "witch" climate. While he was getting back to his youth hobby which was drawing, he asked if we do not have anything against he'll do the cover. He kept us informed on the advances. We fully accepted his idea! Additionally, it was the best way to acquaint people with his output. However, we’re not blindly starred at Radek’s work – we've made some suggestions and we're very satisfied with the final result which fits perfectly our assumptions.

Who is the author of your lyrics and what are they about? Where do you find inspiration? It looks like you like horrors. Would you tell us which ones?

As far as I remember, we all become poets. Lyrics mostly handle day-to-day problems depending on our mood & earth condition. Horror, zombies, witches, all kinds of wickedness, creatures from beyond the grave or damned, abandoned villages. Emphasising, they do not dazzle impudent brutality. We prefer rather to concentrate on atmosphere and the climate of horror. There are too many good films to enumerate them all. Listen to the samples used on almost every our recording and you’ll get the general knowledge. But we all put Lucio Fulci’s „Contraband“on the safe first place!

You play a typical, classic Swedish death metal. You have never flinched from this genre, you are “orthodox”. Personally, it is the reason why I like your music so much. But have you ever thought about playing something different, to somehow make the music of THE DEAD GOATS special?

We really love buzzsaw guitar & this characteristic Swedish feeling! And we can’t imagine The Dead Goats playing something different. From the early beginning we all knew how our band would sound. We do care how it all sounds and if the instruments interact correctly. If you’re familiar with our discography, it’s easy to see / hear each records sounds different from the previous one. But we still strive for perfection! J And you may call us “orthodox” when our band is concerned. However, to clear the issue up – we do listen to completely different music day-to-day. Me & Radek love Blink 182, Smashing Pumpkins, Regurgitate! I can’t imagen a good party without Cock Sparrer, old polish punk rock or early Ministry records. Pawel enjoys spending time with The National, Morrisey, Johny Cash, but also King Dude, Satyricon, Behemoth or Batushka. Additionally, some of us played or have some serious plans to play different music. But we suffer from the lack of time to start playing something completely different from our actual band. We’re not blinkers carriers. But each project is treated separately. Finally, answering your question – no!, We didn’t think of making our music special while changing something. In our opinion everything is fine and there is no need to make any modifications.

At home I have your split with the German band REVEL IN FLESH (2014). You both did a perfect Swedish job! The record was released on vinyl. Vinyl as a medium is returning and it is getting cool now. Do you want to release the new album “All of Them Witches” on vinyl too? What about you and vinyl? Do you collect them? Do you have a large collection?

For sure! While answering your interview, LP version of “All Of Them Witches” is in the pressing plan. So now it all depends on our label when it’s released. 66,6% of us collects vinyl. We can’t name ourselves “LP maniacs” but as there are more records available only in this format, the only chance to hear them is to wait for the streaming or buy it! Firstly, I started to collect CDs (many years ago) so I have to admit that I concentrate on this physical medium (I do not download music at all – I prefer to wait ‘till I can afford myself buying a particular record even it lasts months from the premiere date). I’ve started my LP’s adventure relatively recently so I can’t say my collection is mighty. But I’m sure you’ll be able to find something interesting here.

You did a tour with F.A.M. in Slovakia in autumn. How did you like our neighbors and how did the concerts go? Correct me if I am wrong but you have already played in the Czech Republic. Do you remember how did you felt after the concert?

The whole, short tour in Slovakia was perfectly arranged by Twiggy (if you read it – thanks again for invitation!). We had a great time. The most important thing was that we were there together with our beloved F.A.M. youths! Hugs & kisses! You’re right – we played another short tour in 2014 with Brutally Deceased and participated once in Power Grindcore Fest in Brno last autumn. We really enjoy travelling and playing live and as far as I remember your country wasn´t different! Hope to come & play there again!

Here in the Czech Republic we perceive the Polish scene as something huge, something unattainable for our small country. You have a lot of clubs, a large number of great bands, labels, thousands of excited fans. Is it really like that? Do people go a lot on concerts? Do you feel a support as a band? Do people buy your CDs, vinyl, and merchandise? When you have a concert in a smaller club, how many people would go there?

I’m not sure if it does really look like the way you’ve described it. If Polish metal scene is so huge, strong & filled with thousands of excited fans, how is it possible you have in Czech Rep. so many incredible music festivals (placing Obscene Extreme as a No. 1!!) while we do not have ANY? :) But we can’t deny we do not feel like being strongly supported – our debut album “Path Of The Goat” on CD version is sold out, as well as 7” split with Revel In Flesh and 12” EP “Children Of The Fungus”. I do believe our previous labels (Dark Side Of Punk, SMG, Arachnophobia Rec., Long Walk Rec.) can’t complain while speaking of the other recordings. And the frequency strictly depend on the place, club, date, and other gigs accumulation. So I can’t answer you accurately. But as an example – while travelling with In Twilight’s Embrace (a small tour in small clubs) the attendance on each show varied between 90-100 people. Including the factor, we’ve arranged the whole tour in D.I.Y. idea, without sponsors, advertisers, we’re fully satisfied. 

You play a quite unusual kind of death metal in Poland. Most of your bands combine death with black metal. I know the “Swedish death metal” from Poland just by ULCER, by you and that´s it. Would you recommend some?

As far as “Swedish death metal” is concerned, there’re not many of them so in fact quite easy to find. I can recommend you with full responsibility - our friend’s band “In Twilight’s Embrace”. It’s held in vein of At The Gates, so something different from the thing we play in TDG. But really worth listening. 

How do fans percept you in your country? Do they see you as the ones who “play like Swedes”, or are they more interested in your music? Today after all, the band who play more technically and brutally are more “reputable” in death metal. 

You need to ask the people who listen to The Dead Goats (I do not use the word “fans” on purpose) how they see us. We never plugged for reputation. We’re ordinary guys from the city situated in northern east of Poland, wearing jackets, Converse sneakers, loving punk rock music. Do you think is enough metal nowadays?

Are there any new albums which caught your attention recently? 

Entombed – “Clandestine”! Can we treat it as a new album? :) Blink 182 - “California” is what we listen recently. But being serious for the moment, try Calm The Fire “Doomed From The Start”, Icon Of Evil “Syfilis Mentalis”, Ass To Mouth “Degenerate”, In Twilight’s Embrace – “The Grim Muse” and their newest mCD “Trembling”. Latest Rotten Sound, Black Breath, Furia… But it’s pointless to enumerate all of them. Oh wait, can’t wait to hear Meat Spreader (the new polish band with ex-Dead Infection, Squash Bowels, The Dead Goats / Neuropathia members). It’s going to be huge!

Do you know and listen some Czech bands?

We are quite familiar with Czech Rep. Metal scene. As I’ve mentioned before – Brutally Deceased! Then, Cerebral Turbulency, Gride, Malignant Tumour, Needful Things, Ingrowing, Fleshless, Dysangelium, DEOAG are the first names which comes to my mind. And of course - I personally love Jig-Ai! Radek would probably say more while he’s grind core maniac, involved in the scene for at least 18 years now! Each time we come to Czech Rep. He high-fives with people who he corresponded with in the past.

What are THE DEAD GOATS´s plans for the next few months? 

The priority is to find a new rehearsal room after our beloved dungeon had been affected by the flood… Thankfully, we managed to save almost all the gear we had. Meanwhile, we’re preparing another 12” split LP (labels are ready, second band is ready, artwork is being made). Later on, we concentrate on next full length album. We’d wish to avoid having another 4-year gap in our discography considering longer releases. And additionally, we’ll prepare something special but it’s too early to reveal our secret.

Thank you so much for this interview and I wish you a lot sold records, hundreds of crazy fans and tons of good ideas.

Thanks for the interview and interest in our music! Hope you didn’t get bored too much. See you somewhere, sometime to all the Boys, Girls & those between! Cheers!!!

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