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Interview - LECTERN - Lyrics I often type guided by a very grim presence.

Interview with Italian death metal band LECTERN.

- answered Fabio and Marco.

translated by Markéta, thank you!

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Few questions - interview with LECTERN

You have released your new album „Precept Of Delator“ in September. How do you feel about it, now after a while?  And what about the fans? How about the critics?

Fabio "We are ready for this new challenge, I mean, we recorded this new album, and now we have to rehearse for the gigs, keeping an eye to the promotion with our label too. What will come, must help the band in terms of spreading our monicker all around. We need to grow, we need more audience, more shows and whatever".

Marco "Precept Of Delator is for sure, a more mature work. We took our time to create the songs and think about the details. It has been well received and thanks to the title track music video, we started to get more and more fans".

How was the new material for Precept Of Delator born? How Lectern compose and make new material?

Fabio "Pietro is the only writer of all riffs, and myself for the lyrics. The words are prepared before the music, adapted to the songwriting. Pietro usually writes at home, not so much at rehearsals. When we meet all together, we add new ideas, making the riffs working and playing all together. Sometimes we made perfect things, sometimes not: if I hear now some riffs of the new record, I can admit that I could have been more careful to some aspects that I don't like so much by know. I have to learn this aspect for the future, trying to explain this to the rest of the band, without being a sort of imposition. You can think to some arrangements, believing they could work in one way only, but it cannot be like that over and over again".

Marco "Pietro never stopped to compose new material since Fratricidal Concelebration was released, and Erik was gone. Listening to the new tunes, Fabio took out his lyrics sheets. Then, we started to associate the words to the tones of riffs".

Who is the author of your lyrics and what are they about? Where do you find inspiration?

Fabio "I wrote all the lyrics against Christianity, but also for this time I wrote about topics like pedophile priests, evil bilocation, demons who steal the secret of God immortality for Satan. I know, it's very complicated to explain, also for myself, but you know, pen writes alone sometimes! Or I have to say, I often type guided by a very grim presence".

Who made the cover for Precept of Delator? I really like this work. How did you choose this motive for your cover?

Fabio "Adi Dechristianize made that, I gave him some suggestions that in part he followed and in part not. The only bug, is that is full of too much things, in my opinion, but I hope to work with him again".

I really like the album´s sound. It is dark, cold and sharp at the same time. What studio did you choose for recording? How would you comment the finished sound and mastering?

Fabio "We went as fro Fratricidal Concelebration, at The Outer Sound Studios, produced by Giuseppe Orlando. I had in my mind the exact sound, especialy for the guitars: massive and nasty. If you play detuned four tones under, you must quake the entire world when you listen to it, or not?".

Marco "The album has been recorded at The Outer Sound Studios by Giuseppe Orlando (ex-Novembre, Airlines Of Terror, The Foreshadowing). We had a great time and awesome experience with him for the first album. We couldn't choose better".

The new album was released by the Polish Via Nocturna. Why did you choose this label and, are you happy with the work they did?

Fabio "We got in touch with some labels, they replied with the best proposal. Yes, I'm very satisfied of their work, thanks to Fabian and Piotr".

Nowadays, most people download albums from Internet and use only the digital form. What do you think about this issue? I am interested in your musician point of view.

Fabio "As for myself, I still continue to order, buy and search for physical products, I'm a maniac of records! I come from the old school, so my mentality is completely different from the teenagers. We are in 2016 and I think it's right to download and to steal an album in such way. Because we are talking about a theft, you know!  But if labels allow a thing called digital music, you understand by your own, that the perspective is unfortunately, changed. Sometimes, I hear music through my computer, by mobile with the headphones, or in my car with an usb. But what I adore is to touch a record,to hear the original sound, reading lyrics, to leaf through, looking photographs and the frontcover illustration in all of its details and parts!".

Marco "Of course the main goal of the album for me, is to spread your music and allow people to know who you are, and not only as a selling product. Yes, it's not like 1980's/1990's but, on the other hand, it makes music spread much faster, with the right promotional plan".

I think that Precept Of Delator would look great on vinyl. What do you think about that? How do you feel about lp records and their sound? Are you a collector?

Fabio "In our contract there was a clause for the vinyl version, but I don't think it's not time for a big pace like that! A French label got in touch with me for a tape version, but I repeat, the album is out since a couple of weeks, we will see what will happen also for the merchandise. Yes, long playings are be finally amazing, I share with you! I hope so!".

There are not a lot of people at death metal concerts in the Czech Republic. How about in Italy? Do the fans support you?  Do they buy cd and merchandise?

Fabio "Depends. If the band is cool, the fans go and support also buying bands' stuff. We have many gigs, but the organization is sometimes awful. I can't believe in Czech Republic, fans don't go to this kinda of gids!".

Marco "Death metal is not very popular almost everywhere, maybe only in a few northen countries and in the Usa. But we met a good support all along our path, since our first gig in Finland not only through cd's and merchandise sells".

Are there any new albums which caught your attention recently?

Fabio "I got the new Meshuggah that simply kills!".

Marco "Induction. Great power metal band! Time Is Up by Havok. Some good thrash metal nowadays is what everyone needs".

Do you know and listen some Czech bands?

Fabio "Krabathor for me are number one, also with Hypnos and Master's Hammer but this last one I know only by name, never had something about them".

What are Lectern plans for the next few months?

Fabio "New photo session, gigs and a lot of promotion, we made five videoclips for five different songs of the new album. We are full, and we have also to arrange new songs for the next album, and rehearsing like beasts too".

Marco "New gigs, new places, new friends and some beer I guess!".

Thank you so much for this interview and I wish you a lot of sold records, hundreds of crazy fans and tons of good ideas.

Fabio "I hope all the brilliant things you wished us, will come true in a while! See you in Czech Republic guys!".

Recenze/review - LECTERN - Precept of Delator (2016)

Fabio Bava: vocals, bass
Pietro Sabato: guitar
Gabriele Cruz: guitar
Marco Valentine: drums 

Bisbetical (1999)
Salvific Of Perhaps Lambent (2010)
Lectern (2013)
Fratricidal Concelebration (2015)
Precept Of Delator (2016)

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